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From A Photo Editor:

A blog post  written by William Lobdell, an 18 year veteran of the Los Angeles Times entitled “42 Things I Know” should serve as a clue train manifesto for newspaper (cluetrain is here and here).

As a former media insider I know the feeling of “this shit is broke and you clowns have no clue how to fix it” that he’s expressing in his post. I’ll highlight a few of the points I strongly agree with here: [via A Photo Editor]

Click here to read the article on PE.


According to NPPA, print media is not the place to look for jobs right now.

The Baltimore Sun will cut 100 jobs by August to reduce costs, the publisher told employees, reducing the workforce through voluntary buy-outs, layoffs, attrition, and closing job positions that have been left open.

In the fourth round of job cutbacks since 2005, the Chicago Tribune announced that 80 more positions will be cut from its newsroom staff by the end of August.

About 60 jobs and nearly 25 percent of its news pages will be cut by The Hartford Courant, the country’s oldest continuously published newspaper, as the decline in advertising revenue continues to hit newspapers hard across America. The Courant reports that by July 31 the newsroom staff will be cut from 232 to about 175 people, the “deepest cuts in the news operation since the Internet began challenging newspapers for advertisers.”

More than 300 workers will be cut from the payroll at The Palm Beach Post.

the Los Angeles Times has announced that 250 more jobs will be cut including 150 in the print and online newsrooms. It’s not known how many of those cuts will come from the photography staff.

Stay tuned for more.


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