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It’s not over yet.

ST. PAUL, MN (September 5, 2008) – After photojournalist Nathan Weber finally made bail and left jail Wednesday night after being arrested Monday while photographing anti-war demonstrators clashing with police, more journalists were detained or arrested Thursday night when policed rounded up more than 390 anti-war protesters shortly before Senator John McCain spoke to accept the Republican presidential nomination.

More than 1,000 protesters tried to march toward the convention hall but after several standoffs, police in riot gear used flash grenades and gas to herd the marchers onto the Marion Street bridge about one mile from the RNC site. “You are all under arrest,” police told the crowd as they advanced on them.

“At some point even a journalist has to recognize that they are in violation of the law and they have to make a decision – are they going to get arrested or are they going to cover it from a distance?” St. Paul police spokesman Tom Walsh told a Reuters journalist at the scene. [via NPPA]

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN (September 2, 2008) – Associated Press photojournalist and NPPA member Matt Rourke, along with Democracy Now! television and radio host Amy Goodman and two of her producers, were released from a county jail a few hours after they were arrested Monday while covering an anti-war march during the first day of the Republican National Convention.

In addition, two University of Kentucky students and the photography advisor for the UK student newspaper, along with a freelancer shooting for Atlas Press, were also arrested while photographing protesters.

Rourke told News Photographer magazine tonight that when he got out of jail he had a drink and “tried to wash off all the pepper spray and get some sleep.”

And yet by Tuesday night he was back on the police lines with cameras covering protesters about six blocks from the convention site. “It was a low-key night” compared to Monday, Rourke said. “The police were throwing flash grenades, which are deafening, and a little pepper spray.” But tonight the photographer didn’t get arrested. He laughed, “I had specific instructions not to!” [via NPPA]


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