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Photographers who think their Web sites are simply online versions of their print portfolios aren’t taking advantage of the way people use the internet to find information, and look for products and services they want, says Allen Murabayashi of PhotoShelter. The co-founder of the Web site design and hosting service offered tips for making your site  a more effective marketing tool…

I just downloaded a video tutorial called, “Your Web Site is Killing Your Business.” On May 25, pdn had a virtual trade show called “Focus on Wedding and Portrait Photography. You can log in for free and watch/listen to many other great presentations.

Murabayashi said that search engine optimization (SEO) does not mean just making sure your name pops up in Google. “The goal of search engine optimization is unsolicited web traffic from people looking for goods and services you can supply.”

He ran through the factors that influence how Google ranks sites, and that can determine whether or not your site appears on page one of a search.  The most important factors are external links to your site, and on-page factors, including titles and other text (via pdn)



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