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From the NPPA:

WASHINGTON, DC (July 31, 2008) – The federal shield law for journalists that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) promised to bring before the Senate before the summer recess, was stalled by Senate Republicans in a 51-to-43 vote that failed to move the legislation forward. The bill needed at least 60 votes in favor to proceed.

The bill could have a better chance of moving forward after the presidential election, because both party’s presumptive candidates have expressed support for it while the Bush Administration has threatened to veto it.

The Free Flow of Information Act, as it is called, would protect journalists from having to reveal sources in federal court. [via NPPA]

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Digital publishing-on-demand services are completely changing the way photography books can be envisioned, created, distributed and sold.

New online services for self-publishing photo books have finally attained the level of quality printing that rivals traditional book publishing — and they are turning the economics of publishing on its head.

The new books look great, they’re amazingly affordable, and the technology makes it easy for photographers to get creative and experiment with different sequences, designs, and formats.

In short, we are beginning to see some remarkable photo books that never would have seen the light of day five years ago, simply because it was neither technically nor economically feasible to create them until now.

To celebrate this newfound freedom, Lens Culture ( has teamed up with the Rhubarb-Rhubarb Photography Review in Birmingham, UK, and to create an all-new international photo book award. All photographers who have registered to present their portfolios at this year’s event (August 1, 2, and 3) will be eligible to win the prize, which will include publishing their own monograph, and getting international publicity and promotion to help sell the book. [via Lens Culture]

For more details visit the website.

Here’s a great video tutorial from Layers Magazine on how to create 3D graphs using Adobe Illustrator.

From Adobe Labs.

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You’re an aspiring photographer or amateur photographer and want to show the world, or maybe just your relatives what you can do with a  camera and some good ol’ light. But where’s that brilliant photograph in which you’ve managed to time the shot just perfectly? Lost in the quagmire of shots that didn’t make the cut? Here’s one small tip with an illustration to help you out.

Click here to read the article in Beyond Phototips.

So you’ve taken tons of photos and you wonder what to do with all of these. How can you make money from the photos you’ve taken? Here’s some good advise from PhotoPreneur:

Moving from enthusiastic photographer to income-generating photographer is now easier than ever. The photography world has a wide selection of open entry points, from microstock sites to Flickr networking and from websites to art fairs.

But while the roads towards professional photography are broad, the room at the top is narrower than ever. Media companies are laying off photojournalists and increased competition is removing the shine – and the profits — from traditional stock sellers.

Of course, the rarity of being a leading photographer just makes the accomplishment even more impressive. It’s why print magazines like JPG can sell copies even though the Web has thousands of pages offering similar content, and it’s why companies like Blurb succeed even though any photographer can show off their works online.

There remains something special about seeing your photography published, in print and in your hands.

Click here to read the rest of the article and find out how to make your photobook sell.

“The Prix Pictet is a major new global prize in photography that focuses on perhaps the greatest single issue of the twenty-first century: sustainability. The award is sponsored by Pictet & Cie, in association with the Financial Times.

With a single annual prize of CHF 100,000, the Prix Pictet will reward photographers and the images they use to tell stories of urgent global significance. Each year the Prix Pictet will focus on a distinct sustainability theme. The theme for 2008 is water”. [via Photography Grants and Awards]

Read more on the website.

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