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If you’re a member of Kelby Online Training, then you likely already know about this great class. If you’re not, then check it out.

David Ziser, world-renowned photographer is teaching a class on everything you need to know about shooting a live wedding.

Wedding Photographer David Ziser invited the Kelby Training cameras to follow for an entire wedding shoot. His day begins with some shots of the bride getting ready, then outside for group shots, then on to the ceremony and reception. David lets viewers see his equipment choices, shot selections, lighting techniques, camera positioning, and finally, he talks about the process of choosing which images to work with in post-processing.

  1. Introduction and Equipment (06:37)
  2. Getting Started at the Bride’s House (09:56)
  3. Scenic Overlook (05:06)
  4. Outside the Church Before the Ceremony (11:12)
  5. Inside the Church (08:25)
  6. The Reception (14:52)
  7. Reviewing the Key Points (27:43)

On Saturday, July 24, 2010, Scott Kelby is hoping to have as many photographers possible, from around the world, simultaneously engage in a photowalk. It’s the third annual WorldWide PhotoWalk. You can get the details on You can search for a city near you to join a group or if you don’t see a walk being hosted near your city, sign up to lead one. It’s free and there are great prizes involved. The best prize is, of course, spending a Saturday with other photographers doing what you love.

I finally got around to covering a question that I get asked so often from readers here on the blog, and that is:

“What is the difference between off camera flash (like a Nikon SB-800 or SB-900, or a Canon 580 EXII), and a Studio Strobe?

If I have time, I sometimes answer people back with a direct email, but I’ve gotten this question so many times, I haven’t been able to answer them all. So, I thought I’d put together an example to show you my typical response to the question, which is purely my own opinion on the subject.

What I usually say is something along the lines of:

“Whether you use a small off-camera flash, or a studio strobe, what you get is a bright flash of white light aiming toward your subject.” [via Photoshop Insider]

Read the rest of the story here. You’ll also find that Scott has done the work of listing the pros and cons of each as well as provide a budget should you be so inclined to upgrade your lighting equipment. Thanks Scott.

Scott Kelby takes you behind the scenes and shows how he works to achieve such masterful headshots like the one below. Check it out.


As a follow-up to yesterday’s post (Scott Kelby showing readers how to create a “travel workflow”) here he suggests videos to watch if you’re considering making photo books.

I had so many requests last week to show how to create Photo Book layouts (like the one I did for my trip to Turkey, Greece, and Egypt), that I did three short videos for you (below), to show you how, but using different applications. The three videos are:

  1. How to create them in Apple’s iPhoto
  2. How to create them in Lighroom 2
  3. How to create them from scratch in Photoshop CS4 using Smart Objects [via Photoshop Insider]

Read the rest of the story and get the links to the videos.

Scott Kelby returned from his vacation to Egypt, Greece and Turkey (that lucky dog). Now he’s sharing with readers his workflow for storing and editing different kinds of photos while traveling.

When I’m on vacation, I take two types of shots:

  1. Regular travel photos, where we’re posed in front of a monument, and I shoot the quaint restaurant we ate at, and all the standard tourist stuff that chronicles your vacation, and would make a great travel slideshow to show friends back home.
  2. Shots that just appeal to me as a photographer, which don’t always show a place like most people would expect. For example, I could shoot for a week in Paris and not have a single shot of the Eiffel tower; an act which would make most wives bludgeon their husbands upon return from their trip.

I always make a printed photo book of each trip when I return (once you start making printed photo books—you’ll always want one for each trip), but since I knew I would be shooting a lot of arty travel shots as well (my wife’s term) travel shots, I wanted to make a second book of just that stuff (which is the layout you saw here on the blog last week). So, I’m making two different books, which is what got me wanting to try a slightly different workflow. [via Photoshop Insider]

Read the rest of the story and find out what the nine steps are.

As most of you probably know, I’ve been a Lightroom fan since the day the beta was first released. I used to use Photoshop exclusively until Lightroom came out. It made my filing so much easier and I love the presets that do most of my enhancing for me.

Now you can watch a video of two professionals compare Lightroom and Photoshop. Scott Kelby over on Photoshop Insider and Matt Kloskowski of Adobe Lightroom Killer Tips have produced a video worth watching.

Here’s a link to a video Matt and I did a month or so ago, which talks about the differences between Lightroom, and using the Bridge and Camera Raw. It’s at NAPP’s public Lightroom Learning Center, and when you follow this link right here, make sure you click on “Lightroom vs. Photoshop Discussion” in the video list on the right side of the window.


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