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On May 5th you’re invited to attend a free webinar from the folks at x-rite photo. There will be two sessions.

No matter what your workflow, purpose for your image, or preference, you’ll see how important color is for projecting mood and style into photographic captures. Also, get a sneak peek at Photoshop CS5 technology for new tools to add to your “retouching bag of tricks.” All this and more with Jane Conner-ziser, one of the world’s most respected portrait retouchers.

To register for Session One at 10AM PST click here:

To register for Session Two at 12PM PST click here:


I’ve been watching the videos of Matt Kloskowski show users how to get around in Lightroom 2.0. I’m about half way through the videos for 2.0 on Kelby Training.

However, there is one thing that we haven’t covered yet and that I’ve been wondering about–that little brush that comes with 2.0. What the heck is it and how do you use it?

Well Matt has a new video that explains just that. Check it out.

Matt Kloskowski has added new presets for those who use Lightroom and want to simplify their workflow. Check them out on his website.

The Online Photographer has made a deal with Ctein and not only can you view these beautiful dye transfer prints but you can even own them for a steal of a price.

For about a year now, I’ve been after our regular contributor, Ctein, to see if he’d be willing to offer to our readership a fine example of a dye transfer print for a bargain price. Dye transfer (Ctein is perhaps the leading expert in the world today on dye transfer printing from color negatives—other specialists tend to work from transparencies) is the print equivalent of Kodachrome, the granddaddy of deluxe color techniques. Even in its heyday it was reserved for Rolls-Royce projects: advertising photography for reproduction and museum exhibition prints. It has always been expensive.

To really “get” what photographic print quality is all about, you need to see it for yourself. Words only go so far. [via TOP]

Read the full article. has 5 suggestions for ways to shoot autumn leaves. I’ll give you a brief listing, however you’ll want to go over to their site to see examples of these suggestions and a more in depth explanation.

  1. Play with color
  2. Get low
  3. Don’t forget the city
  4. Leaves on water
  5. Play with your shutterspeed
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This is a great test. I first heard of it over on TOP. x-rite has a little test that you can take online to see how well you can distinguish between colors. After posting his scores, TOP had this to say:

Both Ctein and I noticed on this test that there are slight luminance variations between some of the tiles, which can tend to throw you off. I’m more sensitive to luminance than I am to chroma. I was aware of my uncertainty in the region in which I showed error.

I tried it out and wouldn’t you know it–I got the same score as TOP had had difficulty in almost the same area. I admit I ran through it a bit quickly but sometimes the more you think about it, the worse off you are. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Ever have trouble working out color schemes for your web site, design pieces, or maybe even your living room decorating project? Check out this nifty little site right here. It’s called ColorSchemer and with a click of a mouse, it will show you all the related colors to work with the main color of your choice – kind of a cool little color resource. Here is the link to their blog. [via Digital Protalk]

This is a great link and you can download it to either Mac or Windows. I’ve downloaded it and tried it. A must have. Thank you David for the link.



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