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Every year many attempt what seems like a daunting task–Photo a Day (PAD) or Photo 365. The idea is to take a photo each and every day for a year. I personally have attempted such projects for groups on Flickr. It starts out well, just like any New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, there get to be obstacles and suddenly you find yourself just two to four months into it and thoughts of abandoning the idea begin to arise.

Well fear not. There is much to be learned by reviewing your photography after a year of consciously photographing each and every day. Digital Photography School shares with readers 11 Tips to Succeed With a Photo365 Project. It’s well worth the read if you are interested in such a project. Briefly the tips include:

  1. Maintain a heightened awareness
  2. Always have your camera with you
  3. There is no time like the present
  4. Train your eye to see light
  5. Don’t stay in your comfort zone
  6. Make use of weekly themes
  7. Plan ahead and write down ideas
  8. Edit and post-process every week
  9. Add notes to your photos
  10. Get into a rhythm and have fun
  11. Start today

I really like that last one. You don’t have to wait for January 1 to begin such a project–start today. Check out the article for more on each of these tips.

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Photojojo has a really cool way to hold your camera gear while you’re out and about. I love the stylish look and the big strap looks like it’ll be comfortable across the should for a long time.

Other key features include the adjustable and padded compartments; it’s water repellent, and it’s easy to clean.

Order yours for just $149 and have it shipped by the end of May.

Here’s a review of the new Sigma Ultra Wide Angle lens. I’ve been waiting to get a good wide angle lens for landscape photography. It looks like the wait was worth it.

Sigma has a press release for their new 8-16mm F4.5-5.6 DC HSM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom lens. For those of you who prefer a Prime Lens, you will note that this is a Zoom. The price tag on this nice piece of glass is $1,100 but you can preorder it on Amazon for $699.

For more information go to the Sigma website or read more over on Digital Photography School.

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