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Watch Matt Kloskowski in a video that shows you how to complete an HDR photo using Photoshop.

Matt Kloskowsi has developed a new preset for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

I got some inspiration for this preset while looking through a magazine this past weekend. I saw a Ralph Lauren/Polo ad and I noticed their photos have a very distinct look to them. As always, I made it my mission to recreate the effect and I think I got pretty darn close. As you’ll see, it’s got a hint of green to it with a slightly desaturated look. I tried it out on some actual polo sport photos but I also tried it on some wedding photos and it had a very neat look to it. It’s worth mentioning that it seems to work best on brighter photos, so darker sunset photos or photos taken indoors probably won’t look as good. [via Lightroom Killer Tips]

Check out the preset here.

In addition to Scott Kelby’s tutorial for shooting tethered into Lightroom, Matt Kloskowski provides other options.

1) If you shoot Canon then you can use Canon’s free EOS Utility. This is probably your best option if you’re a Canon shooter.

2) If you’re a Nikon shooter the waters are a bit murky here. First, you can use Nikon’s (NOT FREE) Camera Control Pro (which is what I’ve used).

3) If you’re a Nikon shooter then you also have a free option but it’s only for Windows users only. It’s called Camera Control and they’ve got a video on their site on how to use it.

4) Finally, Tom Hogarty (Lightroom’s Product Manager) let me in on a plug-in for Lightroom 2 (for Mac only though). It’s called MountainStorm Lightroom Tether and you can grab it here. Of course if you find it useful, it’s nice to leave a donation considering your other alternatives are not free. I’ve tested it out and I have to say it works pretty darn good. I’ve used Camera Control Pro for so long so it’s a little weird to change, but I think I’m now switching over to the free plug-in.
(edit: Sorry everyone. I forgot to mention one small thing that I was reminded of in the comments. Some one had told me not to use the “Enhanced” setting so make sure you leave it unchecked. Seems pretty unstable in this mode) [via Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips]

Read the rest of the story here.

I’ve been watching the videos of Matt Kloskowski show users how to get around in Lightroom 2.0. I’m about half way through the videos for 2.0 on Kelby Training.

However, there is one thing that we haven’t covered yet and that I’ve been wondering about–that little brush that comes with 2.0. What the heck is it and how do you use it?

Well Matt has a new video that explains just that. Check it out.

As most of you probably know, I’ve been a Lightroom fan since the day the beta was first released. I used to use Photoshop exclusively until Lightroom came out. It made my filing so much easier and I love the presets that do most of my enhancing for me.

Now you can watch a video of two professionals compare Lightroom and Photoshop. Scott Kelby over on Photoshop Insider and Matt Kloskowski of Adobe Lightroom Killer Tips have produced a video worth watching.

Here’s a link to a video Matt and I did a month or so ago, which talks about the differences between Lightroom, and using the Bridge and Camera Raw. It’s at NAPP’s public Lightroom Learning Center, and when you follow this link right here, make sure you click on “Lightroom vs. Photoshop Discussion” in the video list on the right side of the window.

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