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There is no shortage of photo apps available in the iTunes store, but many of them are just too silly, or just plain lame, to warrant a download. So, before you go grabbing an app that will put a clown nose on any person you photograph, take a look through our list and see if you can find something a little more…creative. [via PopPhoto]

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My iPhone has been like crack to me since the day one on the market, June 3, 2007. Most of us iPhone users make regular and swift use of the impressive ‘Net, email, and location-based tools, but as a professional creative I’m always using the built-in camera to grab snaps of anything that catches my eye for ideas, inspiration, and such. In fact–in case you didn’t know–I post daily mobile iPhone snaps to my Facebook page and my Twitter account for fun (friend/follow if you’re interested.)

That said, I dunno if it’s been the pile of comments I’ve received from those sources, the numerous ranting requests via email, or the hilarious fact that someone actually started a Facebook group called “Chase Jarvis Shoots Better Pics with His iPhone Than I Could With a Hasselblad”, but I figured–since people have grumbled to me about such challenges and since grabbing snapshots is a part of my daily creative routine for staying fresh and inspired–that it would be good fun to post a quick ‘how to’ checklist for making great iPhone pictures. So here goes: [via Chase Jarvis Blog]

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Well, it’s not official yet, but word on the street is that Sony Ericsson has indeed come out (or is coming out soon) with a camera phone that acts more like a camera than a phone.

Sony Ericsson claims that its first 8.1-million-pixel camera phone will prove to be a ‘real alternative to a digital camera’. The C905 Cyber-shot sports a 2.4in ‘scratch-resistant’ display and is claimed to be suitable for producing prints up to A3 in size. Features include face detection, image stabiliser and red-eye reduction. A Smart Contrast mode aims to ‘balance light and colour’.

Due out later this year, it will also allow the user to ‘geo-tag’ their images using the device’s built-in GPS technology. The kit will include a USB adaptor for transferring images to and from computer. The C905 will be compatible with Memory Stick Micro storage media. [via Amateur Photographer]

Some have tried to get their hands on one and review it. Check out these:

If you didn’t make it to the Cannes Lions 2008, then you missed something BIG. I was just returning from Yellowstone National Park and nowhere near the UK so I missed it too. But not to worry. They have an excellent website and you have an entire year to preregister for next year.

Anyway, the thing I found that really made my head turn is the new cell phone by Nokia. The Nokia N95 is supposed to be the lastest thing to give competiton to the iPhone. PhotoInduced has photos of the new phone with a camera lens that you can actually add to the phone!!! Yea, I couldn’t believe it either.

As I was walking around the festival, there was a new camera in a lot of hands. The first thing to notice was the incredibly thin body. Then the big honking piece of glass on the front of it.
Finally , I stopped a couple of young creatives carrying 2 of these, who explained the deal;
It wasn’t a camera…well, it was kinda. And a video camera. Oh yeah, and a phone.
The 27 teams of the Young Lions Creative competition at Cannes were given this unit to use in an assignment shot within a 24 hour period.
By giving Nokia a credit card deposit of 1000 Euro (gulp) any festival attendee can get this camera phone for about 24 hours. Once you return it, they own everything you shot using the camera. (via PhotoInduced]

Here’s the Wikipedia definition.

Here’s the c|Net review.

Here’s the 3G review.

Here’s a U-Tube video of the N95 in action.

And finally here is the press release and Nokia’s forum page.


Well lets say, you’re waiting for a bus, or waiting for a table at your favourite lunch spot. You don’t have your handy-dandy pocket book, and you’ve left your work at the workplace (a handy place to leave it). You do have your cell phone though, and your phone does have a camera. How handy! Here are a couple of things to do with your cell phone, to improve your eye for photographs, and make you a better photographer! [via Beyond Phototips]

  1. Try impossible angles
  2. Go abstract
  3. Practice composition
  4. Try a panorama
  5. Go back to basics
  6. Try new points of view
  7. Discover
  8. Try some portraits
  9. Record yourself
  10. Find objects
  11. Make a montage
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As a photographer do you always, and I mean always, have your camera with you?

I try to but will admit there are times when I don’t have it handy and wish I did. There are those occasions when you see something and you just want a really quick point-and-shoot so that you can capture the moment quickly.

Imagine you’ve captured that moment on your camera phone. Now what do you do with it? Or, even better, who, besides you, might be interested in this shot?

Well, I came across this little article that kind of relates to this–17 Ways to Take Camera Phone Photos That Sell. Before you try to sell anything you take with a camera phone, you may also want to read The Photopreneur’s Guide to Good Mobile Phone Photography.

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