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For those who are interested in the BIG BUCKS and the BRIDEZILLA episodes that go along with the BIG BUCKS:

I thought this was a nice article for all my readers out there considering opening a photography business. Professional Photographers of America featured Geoff White, a fairly new kid on the block in this easy to read article. He made the jump from computer engineer to photographer and is turning out some good stuff. Give the article a read right here. Also check out his image galleries right here – good ideas for any wedding photog. [via David Ziser’s Digital ProTalk]

You might also want to check out an article by dPS called Your Best Friend’s Wedding:

By maintaining a good attitude, establishing a strong game plan and setting realistic expectations, you truly can make this lemon into sweet lemonade. Here are 10 tips to making your first weddings a success. [via dPS]

There are a lot of articles out there that seek to guide photographers into a particular market. If you want to learn to shoot portraits better you can take a number of classes and attend numerous workshops on portrait photography to learn how best to manipulate your backgrounds, your studio setup, and your audience. You can read up on which audience may suit you best whether it be children, seniors, families, babies, students, pets or any whatever. You can be a wedding photographer, a photojournalist, a studio photographer, … and for each of these you have any number of folks willing and able to help you learn the tricks of the trade.

The thing is…what do you want to do?

I recently read an article by Paul Indigo that really spoke to this subject:

There are two fundamentally different approaches to photography. Identifying which type of photographer you are could help you focus your approach and remove inner creative conflicts that you were not even aware of.

You have to ask yourself whether you prefer observing and capturing what you see happening in front of your lens or do you prefer to control your subject matter and direct the action to produce the result you envisage? [via Beyond the Obvious]

Read the rest of the article and reflect a little on what kind of photography speaks to you. This really should be the first step any photographer takes before considering pursuing photography as either a vocation or avocation.

First, a BIG thank you to Ken and Teresa for the beautiful photos taken at my little girl’s wedding. They did a terrific job and I didn’t have to worry about anything.

Rita is on the front of their website: and you can see more photos of both Rita and my new son-in-law, Ryan, on their blog here.

My one and only little girl is getting married this weekend. Thank God we hired photographers; I’ll be too busy for the task. Have a good weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday.

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