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As luck would have it, the weather was beautiful today. The sun is shining and we have to leave this beautiful place. I’ve never seen a lake like Yellowstone Lake. It is one of nature’s most spectacular sights. It is much more akin to an ocean with the exception that instead of looking out at the horizon, you look out at the mountain ranges. It’s huge; it’s beautiful, and her waves make soft melodic sounds just like the ocean. All that was missing was the sea, salty air.

Yellowstone Lake

On our way out we were blessed again with the sight of a mother Moose and her baby while in the Grand Tetons National Parks.

Baby Moose


Last day in Roosevelt. If the roads stay open we’ll be heading for the Lake tomorrow.

Roosevelt Lodge

Inside Roosevelt Lodge

BEAR CROSSING! Literally! This was soooo cool.

Bear Crossing

Home on the range.

Bison herd

It’s amazing how quickly the weather changes. It went from sunshine and T-shirt weather to snow and snow boots overnight. We found ourselves inside all day yesterday watching the snow from the the Old Faithful Inn Lodge and the Snow Lodge. It was nice to do some reading and visiting with people from all over the world.

This morning, as we were leaving, we had to stop for a group if bison what had decided to walk down the center of the road for a spell. It was pretty awesome! At least now we can say we say some wildlife and stop talking about the mouse we had in our hotel room as the only wildlife we’ve seen. =)

Spent yesterday outdoors since the weather was so nice. Visited a number of hot springs, geysers, mud pots and fumaroles.

Small Hot Spring

Mud Pot


Geyser Crater

Arrived in Yellowstone National Park yesterday and checked in at the Old Faithful Inn just in time to see Old Faithful shooting up. This place is awesome.

Yellowstone National Park sign

Old Faithful Geyser

Because we made reservations a year in advance, we were able to get one of the dozen rooms with a bathroom. Woo hoo!

Old Faithful Bathroom

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