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If you’re not familiar with Adobe.TV and you are interested in the latest software, you really should familiarize yourself with it. They have products for Video Professionals, Photographers, Developers, and Designers.

The link for photographers is here.

And here’s a little tasty review from PhotoInduced.

Here are series of videos on their full line of products and of course, we are highlighting the photographic side of the street. Adobe.TV will give you a fuller preview of the goods BEFORE you spend the coin. Plus there are some great short lessons from a variety of providers. [via PhotoInduced]


Scott Kelby’s endorsement of Photoshop CS4:

You knew it was coming, and sure enough—it’s here. Photoshop CS4 is right around the corner (read Adobe’s Press Release here), and to give you the first look at the new features, we’ve launched two new online Learning Centers:

(1) NAPP’s Free Photoshop CS4 Learning Center
This public learning center, hosted by “The Photoshop Guys” (Matt Kloskowski, Dave Cross, and yours truly, along with RC and Corey from NAPP HQ), gives you a first-look at the new features of Photoshop CS4 with videos from the three of us, including an overview video, an exclusive video interview with Photoshop Principal Product Manager John Nack, a “Top-10″ New CS4 Features article from RC “New Daddy” Concepcion, and a look at the new interface from Corey Barker. Here’s the link to this brand new learning center.

(2) NAPP’s “Members Only” In-Depth Learning Center
NAPP members can dive deeper into the new CS4 features with special in-depth videos on the NAPP members Website, from (you guessed it), “The Photoshop Guys.” Here we go more into actual training, and help to get your head around all the new features. So, if you’re a NAPP member, check out the public learning center (above) first, then head over to the NAPP member home page to go more in-depth. [via Photoshop Insider]

If you enjoy a good photowalk, don’t forget about the Sacramento Neon Photowalk on October 3rd. Details on

They’re meeting in front of the state Capitol building at 7:00 p.m.

On Sept. 19, the Media Bloggers Association announced the launch of an ambitious program called BlogInsure: “a first of its kind liability insurance program for bloggers which provides coverage for all forms of defamation, invasion of privacy and copyright infringement or similar.” MBA president Robert Cox said that for the vast majority of bloggers, the insurance package will cost $540 per year (after the $25 annual MBA dues.) However, some members (those who do certain kinds of blogging that have historically attracted more legal threats) will probably have to pay higher premiums.

Check out the article on Poynter for more details.

Ok, so I’m a little late. Actually I’m a lot late. I just found out that the Strobist has produced and made avaialble to the public Lighting Seminar DVDs. If you haven’t been able to attend a Strobist Workshop (as I have not), fear not–you can get the seminar to come to you.

For more information and details see

Additionally, Shutterfug has received a copy of the DVDs and will be sharing findings through

In terms of value for money, however, it will very much depend on your experience already. This eight DVD set is certainly much cheaper than many of the other instructional lighting sets on the market and I’ll review the three, “sets,” as I get through them. [via Shutterfug]

Strobist has been experimenting with the LumiQuest SoftBox III and has some of his findings posted here.

I personally don’t like to have a lot of equipment to lug around with me in order to get a decent shot. I’ve learned to use natural lighting more. However, when photographing people (portraiture) I find some lighting can be very helpful.

One of the things I like best about the LumiQuest SoftBox III is it’s size and portability. Strobist describes it as:

It’s about 8×9 inches on the front, and has an area of double diffusion that is designed to compensate for the hot spot in the center. It folds flat, and will fit perfectly in the back pocket of a Domke F-2 Original Bag, the standard PJ bag over the last 20 years or so.

Check out the review on

I came across some truly remarkable photography today. The photographer is Trey Ratcliff and his work can be found at

One of the first things you’ll notice is likely the size of his photos. I think just about every photo is over 1000px wide. It truly is online art. As you scroll through some of the photos you’ll soon notice another beautiful thing–HDR. This is not your usual HDR. Photos don’t have that “comic” look to them. Instead they truly bring focus to the high dynamic ranges in a photograph. Even better, Trey gladly shares his technique for achieving this kind of HDR through a tutorial.

Trey prefers Nikon to Canon and Mac to Windows. He makes this clear on a couple of his pages. But don’t let that stop you from checking out his fantastic work.

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