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Ok, so I’m a little late. Actually I’m a lot late. I just found out that the Strobist has produced and made avaialble to the public Lighting Seminar DVDs. If you haven’t been able to attend a Strobist Workshop (as I have not), fear not–you can get the seminar to come to you.

For more information and details see

Additionally, Shutterfug has received a copy of the DVDs and will be sharing findings through

In terms of value for money, however, it will very much depend on your experience already. This eight DVD set is certainly much cheaper than many of the other instructional lighting sets on the market and I’ll review the three, “sets,” as I get through them. [via Shutterfug]


Strobist has been experimenting with the LumiQuest SoftBox III and has some of his findings posted here.

I personally don’t like to have a lot of equipment to lug around with me in order to get a decent shot. I’ve learned to use natural lighting more. However, when photographing people (portraiture) I find some lighting can be very helpful.

One of the things I like best about the LumiQuest SoftBox III is it’s size and portability. Strobist describes it as:

It’s about 8×9 inches on the front, and has an area of double diffusion that is designed to compensate for the hot spot in the center. It folds flat, and will fit perfectly in the back pocket of a Domke F-2 Original Bag, the standard PJ bag over the last 20 years or so.

Check out the review on

Strobist has the next Lighting 102 lesson posted.

Lighting 102: 6.2 – Gelling for Tungsten

In the last L102 post, we talked about some of the problems we have to face when gelling to work under fluorescent light. Gelling for tungsten yields similar, but different problems. 

Fortunately, tungsten is easier — and more forgiving.

I can’t believe I missed this one. David was on USA today. The story came out a few days ago and I missed buying the paper. Congrats to The Strobist!

COLUMBIA, Md. — All David Hobby wanted to do was pass along photo lighting tips to a friend.

He jotted down some ideas and posted a blog —Strobist— to show how any beginning photographer could get beyond ordinary shots by using inexpensive, $300 flashes, just like pros.


…Then the world found out about him.

Hobby now has 200,000 mostly amateur photographers as devoted readers. His site attracts 1.6 million page views a month.

You’ve got to read the rest of the story.

I’ve been so busy with applying for, accepting, getting ready for the new job and leaving the old job that I have been remiss in my updates as well as my Strobist Lighting 102 assignments. For those of you are keeping up to date.

3.1 was Balancing Light | Twilight.
3.2 was Balance | Flash/Sun Crosslight.
Then we had the Reader Hot Shots posted.
3.2 again was More on the Crosslight Thing.

landscape.jpgproduce.jpgand in between there were a couple of really good tips like Free Lighting Mods in the Produce Isle and Small-Flash Tip For Landscape Shooters.

I’ve been so busy with vacation and this new job prospect that I totally forgot to check for the next Lighting 102 lesson. Sure enough it was posted a couple of days ago. Balancing Light: Twilight. This sounds interesting.

…There is a correct exposure for a given ambient light scene. Sure, you can tweak it, say, half a stop up or down. But go much beyond that, and you move beyond “artistic license” to “I screwed up.”…

To really understand the concept of balancing light, many of you will have to expand your concept of a so-called proper exposure. After all, you are creating a scene that has precisely the tonal range that you want it to. You can use this ability to compress the tonal range of a photo, or to expand it. It’s up to you…. (via Strobist)

So let’s see what we get with this assignment.

Umbrella Specular Portrait

I gave you some ideas on where to find such a backdrop in the previous post (see link above) but be creative. And speaking of being creative, try to look beyond the mere technique and make a real photo of someone. Add some personal style, catch a nice moment — do something to make this a photo, rather than just a lighting technique. (via Strobist).

This one’s really going to be a challenge for me since I haven’t yet purchased a softbox or a shoot through umbrella. Let’s see just how creative I can be. Maybe I’ll make my own softbox.


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