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From our family to yours. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


A while back Matt Kloskowski had a video on Adobe PhotoshopLightroom Killer Tips that showed viewers how to create a contact sheet that looks really cool. Now he’s giving readers a preset to that print application. How much easier can this get?


First, a BIG thank you to Ken and Teresa for the beautiful photos taken at my little girl’s wedding. They did a terrific job and I didn’t have to worry about anything.

Rita is on the front of their website: and you can see more photos of both Rita and my new son-in-law, Ryan, on their blog here.

If you post your photos online in any kind of a group where others can not only view them but comment on them, then there is surely some kind of etiquette that one must follow. Epic Edits Weblog has a few “guidelines” that are worth noting.

What I plan to present in this article isn’t a set of hard rules that must be followed on Flickr. Martin said it nicely yesterday: Flickr isn’t about cramped “have to” habits. 100% true — It’s supposed to be fun, not work.

I’m not Yahoo, so obviously I can’t censor regulate what people do on Flickr, but I’ve used it enough to know that there are certain things you shouldn’t do and tons of things you can do. So here are the guidelines that I live by on Flickr.

I think these are good “Guidelines” and apply not only to Flickr, but to others online photogroups such as Zooomr, Photo Shelter, SnapFish, Shutterfly, SmugMug, or any other of the many hosts out there.

Well, Mac OS X Leopard is here, but I’m not in a hurry to convert. Terry White has a good review if you’re interested. The part that caught my attention was this:

Let’s start with the stuff that doesn’t work:

As reported earlier my Dymo Label printer and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.2 aren’t fully compatible. The printer software will not even launch because it complains that the driver isn’t there (although it is and I reinstalled it). In Lightroom 1.2 I reported that I couldn’t switch the Print module. I still can’t, although one reader did report that he was able to. He did an Erase and Install of Leopard and installed Lightroom 1.0 and upgraded it to 1.2 and he can use the Print module. However, I have not been able to replicate this success on either Intel or PowerPC Macs. Also I use PhoneValet (a Mac based voicemail system) and although they claim Leopard compatibility my PhoneValet Anywhere Clients are no longer popping up visual caller ID alerts. I reinstalld the clients and made sure the Mac OS X Firewalls are off. They are checking into it for me.

But by all means, read the full article and see for yourself. Additionally, Apple has a guided tour you can download and watch here.

You can find a review by Macworld here and the Adobe support pdf here.

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Today over on Digital ProTalk David has a link to a new Freebie. It’s a new generation hot key manager called Comfort Key. He also references a totally freeware that his office uses called HotKeyz. You can check them both out here.


Shutterfug has in possession and does a great review of the Hasselblad 500. For those who only know Digital SLR but have wondered about medium format photography, this is an article worth reading. It’s well written and to the point. There are lots of other places you can go to get more detailed information if you find yourself leaning toward medium format. This is written for those who have not tried and really just want to know what all the fuss is about.  Well done.

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