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It’s Easter Sunday. Today is a day celebrated by many Christians all around the world. The BIG Picture has photos of the week that led to the celebration of today.

Christian communities around the world are currently celebrating Holy Week – both the last week of Lent and the week before Easter. Holy Week commemorates the last week of the earthly life of Jesus Christ culminating in his crucifixion on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. Observances range from the elaborate and fanciful to simple and reverential, and vary a great deal between communities, regions, countries, and churches. Collected here are a small sample of photographs from Holy Week observances around the world. [via The BIG Picture]

Check out the 34 photos here.

Last week in New York City, a fan of trains was arrested for photographing a train. It might be funny if it didn’t keep happening.

Robert S. Taylor of Brooklyn was taking photos for fun last Thursday in a subway station. Police saw him and cited him for unauthorized photography, disorderly conduct/unreasonable voice and impeding traffic.

The charge of unauthorized photography – a crime that doesn’t exist – has already been dropped, Taylor says.

“It’s almost embarrassing,” Taylor says. “It was a waste of everybody’s time.” [via PDN]

Read the rest of the story.

Damn! I can’t believe I’m looking at these photos. When the Mervyns in my town closed I was really surprised. Then more and more stores began closing. One day I thought to myself wouldn’t it be a good idea to do a photojournalistic piece on the recession using stores and businesses that are closing?

Well, it must have been a good idea because Brian Ulrich had done it. You can find his work here.

Coming off the initial good vibes of the inauguration and the new incoming administration, and Barack Obama’s call for increased social involvement, I was pleasantly surprised to be made aware of an effort by a number of prominent photographers to do good and begin a ongoing effort to raise awareness of important social issues. And it begins this Valentine’s Day…

In speaking with Do1Thing’s co-founder Najlah Feanny, their initial focus will be on teenage homelessness. [via PhotoInduced]

Read the rest of the article.

Here is a very unique photo documentary of a young man who found himself in his subjects.

A touching portrait of photographer Shawn Nee and his journey of transformation made possible only by his connection to shopping carts. [via doc challenge]

Digital Photography School offers some tips to get you started in this area. The author of the article is Peter Phun, a former staff photographer at a daily newspaper in Southern California. If you’re looking to get into photojournalism, this could be a helpful start.

From A Photo Editor:

I got that headline from a MediaShift story written by Lisa Williams (here) and it was mentioned in the This Week in Media podcast I was listening to yesterday. It was a special edition of the show devoted entirely to journalism and some excellent point were made so I thought I’d share it with you. [via A Photo Editor]

Listen to the podcast here.

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