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Happy Birthday to my mother, my children’s grandmother and my granddaughter’s great-grandmother.

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One year ago today I was at the hospital with my son and daughter-in-law awaiting the arrival of our little girl. Today we celebrated her birthday in the windy park.

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My granddaughter came to visit today. Actually we had a little get-together with friends and family and lots of folks were at the house today to watch the Division Playoffs. I had an absolute ball with Ava Jean.




Today my son turns 23. Happy Birthday Andy.


Andy with his daughter, Ava back in August when she was just ten days old.

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My granddaughter is growing so fast. She’s four months old already. I can’t believe the changes taking place. It feels like it’s been forever since I watched these changes take place in my own children. I watch my daughter hold her niece and realize someday she too will be a mother just like I am. Wow, what a beautiful thought.


Ava has more expressions now. It seems she really smiles a lot. Her mommy and daddy enjoy getting her to smile for them and of course, I sure enjoy watching the interaction.



We had fun taking photos for their family Christmas cards. I feel so fortunate to be the family photographer. While my son and daughter-in-law had to choose just one photo to send out to everyone on their Christmas list…


I get to enjoy all of them.



Happy Halloween Indeed!

Ava Jean had her choice of two outfits for Halloween this year. Her grandma Mardi got her a bear costume and her Aunt Jenny got her pumpkin costume. Naturally, I wanted to see her in both and I did try to get photos of her in both.


However Ava Jean has a mind of her own even at 3 months old. She really did not want to be in these silly costumes at all and only let her mommy and I put them on if she could eat a little and sleep a little first.


My teddy bears are ever so cute when they are sleeping but they can growl fiercely when they are unhappy.


I had so much fun with her on my lap trying to hold the camera out in front of us and snap a few shots with her on my lap. My the faces I captured.


Miss Ava Jean is smiling more and more. She laughs and coos now. I enjoy listening to her “talk” with her mommy. Every time I go to visit with Ava and her mommy I have such a good visit. I get to know the both of them better and better. Ava’s daddy (my son) is away fighting the big fires down south in San Diego right now. I know he must be missing his little girl so much.

Grandma loves you much Ava Jean.


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