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If you’ve been waiting to purchasea great fisheye lens, well, now is the time to buy. Lensbaby is introducing a new lens to their already popular line. It’s called the Composer. Visit the Lensbaby site and be sure to see some of the results in the Gallery. This is going to be one of my favorite lenses.

Scott Kelby has posted photos from the winners of his worldwide photowalk. You can view them here.


This is a great idea and should bring in lots of business.

Try this on for size: a fashion shoot party.
Give all of your guests the star treatment, and especially the guest of honor.

Here’s how it works:
*Rent a photo studio or big open warehouse type space.
*Hire at least 3 make-up artists (flat rate or 4 hour. min.)
*Place iPod stations through out the studio (make-up area, changing area, shoot area, lounging area)
*Add a great photographer (you?) and some strobe lights, and an on site computer and maybe a printer.
*Have crudite, finger foods, plenty of water, and don’t forget the straws. The women won’t want to mess up the lipstick. The simple food make it easy fro people to cruise on and off the set.

For more information see PhotoInduced

WHAT: BetterPhoto 4th Annual Photography Conference

WHERE: Monterey, California

WHEN: October 25, 2008

PRICE: Just $97 (lodging not included)

For more information see

Until you get a card that automatically records the lattitude and longitude of your photos, you may want to look into a gadget like the one Nikon is introducing next month.They will also be introducing a pretty cool lens. The lens is 18-105mm (VB) Vibration Reduction and should make for a pretty good telephoto.

More information here.


If you find yourself in the Los Angeles, California area and want to know where some great sights are for nature photography, you’ll definitely want to check out If you click on Filming & Photography, the take a look at Parks by Scenery and Geography you get a page that shows all of the area parks by a number of different topics. Some include:

Jeff Revell is a guest blogger over on Scott Kelby’s blog and he’s talking about photowalking. A must read for any street photographer.

Then the other day Scott and I were talking about the plans for his World Wide Photowalk and I knew I finally had my in. Having hosted several photowalks I can say with some confidence that I know my way around these events. With that being said, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on what makes a photowalk so special and how you can maximize your experience when participating in one.

Most photographers have walked, camera in hand, through unfamiliar spaces, shooting their way along their route. So what makes this any different from a photowalk? It’s the social aspect of sharing the experience that makes photowalking so unique. Many of the photowalks that I have hosted were attended by complete strangers but they all had two things in common, a love of photography and a desire to share their passion with like-minded people. I was reminded of this fact during my last photowalk in Georgetown. [via Photoshop Insider]

Click here to read the entire article over on Photoshop Insider.

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