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Many photographers dream of setting up a Web site to sell prints of their work, then sitting back while the orders (and the money) come in.

It turns out that selling prints online is hard work. Competition is fierce, not only from other photographers, but from graphic artists and illustrators offering decorative prints through their online stores. And buyers are often reluctant to purchase prints they haven’t actually seen, except at a relatively low price or from a big name photographer.

For photographers determined to try, however, it is possible to generate modest revenue  from online print sales. Colorado photographer Cole Thompson has been selling prints online for several years, and earned $20,000 in revenue last year. In this audio slide show, he describes how he drives traffic to his Web site and sells prints by methodically building relationships with his customers. [via PDN]

Check out the video slideshow.

Always great articles from the photopreneur:

In the photography industry, it’s natural to let the images do the talking. If you want to show a client what you can do and how you can do it, you needn’t do any more than hand over your portfolio or direct them to your website. When the product is right in front of them, words aren’t necessary.

But buyers, agents and commissioning editors aren’t only interested in a photographer’s pictures. They also want to know about the person who took them. They want to know whether the photographer is reliable and trustworthy. They want to feel that the selection they’re being shown isn’t the best of a bad lot but a representative sample of the work the photographer can do.

They want to be sure that if they hire the photographer to do the job, he or she is going to give them photos as good as the ones they can see. And even if they’re only looking to buy a print, they want to sound knowledgeable when friends ask them about it and feel that when they purchase a work of art, they’re owning part of an artist’s life story.

That’s why websites have pages for bios, and why query letters tend to include details about the person submitting the portfolio.

So what should a bio say to persuade a buyer that you are the right person for the job? [via photopreneur]

Read the rest of the article here.

Are there only 5?

Well, regardless of how many obstacles or barriers you encounter, Skelliwag wants to help you out.

If you’ve been wondering why your blog or website hasn’t been growing as quickly or steadily as you hoped, you might be encountering one (or more) of the five barriers to success.

In brief, the 5 barriers and their links (for an indepth discussion of each) are:

  1. Lack of Significance — For readers to link, comment or vote for your content it needs to invoke a strong reaction in readers — in other words, it needs to be significant to them.
  2. Lack of Entry Points — Visitors can’t reach your blog without an entry point. There are only three types of entry points: (a) Links; (b) Search engines; and (c) Social media.
  3. The Absence of Definition — If you’re writing for people rather than on topics, you’re forced to think about who you’re writing for, what interests them, what their needs are and how you can be useful. If you’re writing about topics alone without considering the context, there’s no compass to follow.
  4. Perception is Everything — A blog that looks and feels unread and unremarkable will often become one. A website that looks slick and popular will often go on to become well-known, even if it’s not highly trafficked in the beginning.
  5. Blogging Without Examination — You’ll never be able to affect change if you don’t realize change is needed. You can’t realize change is needed unless you take the time to think, examine and evaluate.

Pixelated Image is running a series on Self-Promotion for Photographers. This is a must read for all photographers. It’s both entertaining and informing.

The series began with Identity.

I’m assuming that you’ve by-passed or passed-through the stage wherein you tell everyone you shoot everything for any budget. If you haven’t; if you’re right now face to face with that monster, kick it in the shins and run the other way. I’m sure there are people out there who shoot anything that moves and multiple frames (in macro) of everything that doesn’t. But you do not want to be one of those people unless this is just a hobby for you. If you want to do this and be successful you MUST specialize or have the appearance of specializing. (Read more)

Part 2 in the series is a discussion of the Four Pillars–Creativity, Congruency, Consistency and Commitment.

Part 3 is a discussion of Your Website.

On Monday, there is the promise of Part 4–Marketing Material so if you like the first three you’ll want to check back.

PC Magazine has uncovered what they believe are the Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites. They say you may not have heard of some of these sites but you should be aware of them. So check them out


I stumbled upon a couple sites today that I hadn’t seen before.

The first is a photography directory. At first glance I thought was just someone’s page of photography links (you know, like the page I have). Well, it’s not. is huge. The tagline says, “Your gateway to Photography Sites on the Web!” and that’s exactly what it is. The Photography Links are listed by category and there are over 6700 links in the 46 categories. I decided to give it a try so I clicked on Fine Art Photography to see where I would go to see the 73 links. The page that came up next informed me that there were 73 links and these links or sites were listed on 4 pages. The sites are each numbered and rated. The site with the highest rating appears first on page 1. really is a wealth of information. Photographers really should check it out.

The other new website I discovered today is is a Photo of the Day contest celebrating the beauty and diversity of the planet. They feature a new photograph every day submitted by visitors.


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