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Strobist has the next Lighting 102 lesson posted.

Lighting 102: 6.2 – Gelling for Tungsten

In the last L102 post, we talked about some of the problems we have to face when gelling to work under fluorescent light. Gelling for tungsten yields similar, but different problems. 

Fortunately, tungsten is easier — and more forgiving.

Another great article from dPS.

The right lighting can make or break an image setting the stage for others to see it as a snapshot or a photograph.

Just as finding and seeing a subject is challenging, so too is finding lighting conducive to taking dramatic photographs. The Golden Hour is always referenced as a great time to take photos, but its not the only time to take photos with dramatic lighting. Training your eye to see dramatic light and the different variations of it takes some self-training.

You’ll have to read the article to get a description of each type of lighting, but briefly they are:

  1. Side Lighting
  2. Back Lighting
  3. Rim Lighting
  4. Ambient Light
  5. Soft or Diffuse Light
  6. Hard Light
  7. Spotlight
  8. Artificial Lighting
  9. Various Combinations of Lighting

I can’t believe I missed this one. David was on USA today. The story came out a few days ago and I missed buying the paper. Congrats to The Strobist!

COLUMBIA, Md. — All David Hobby wanted to do was pass along photo lighting tips to a friend.

He jotted down some ideas and posted a blog —Strobist— to show how any beginning photographer could get beyond ordinary shots by using inexpensive, $300 flashes, just like pros.


…Then the world found out about him.

Hobby now has 200,000 mostly amateur photographers as devoted readers. His site attracts 1.6 million page views a month.

You’ve got to read the rest of the story.

I found this great link via Digital Pro Talk:

The world famous photographer and best selling author, Joe McNally, has a great post over on his new blog entitled, “Fun With Lights” Check it out right here – it’s a nice read.


Yesterday you saw how washed out a blue sky can get when you try to photograph in the midday. Here are some tips from dPS for shooting in midday sun.

  1. Watch your metering
  2. Go close up
  3. Grab an umbrella
  4. Watch your ISO

Check out the article for more on these tips.


Here’s one for the Strobist. The off camera flash was just too bright and I quickly looked around to see what I had that I could literally throw over the flash to darken or “soften” it…voila, the “Pantie Flash” was born.


It worked perfectly! =)


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