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Last week in New York City, a fan of trains was arrested for photographing a train. It might be funny if it didn’t keep happening.

Robert S. Taylor of Brooklyn was taking photos for fun last Thursday in a subway station. Police saw him and cited him for unauthorized photography, disorderly conduct/unreasonable voice and impeding traffic.

The charge of unauthorized photography – a crime that doesn’t exist – has already been dropped, Taylor says.

“It’s almost embarrassing,” Taylor says. “It was a waste of everybody’s time.” [via PDN]

Read the rest of the story.

I can’t verify the accuracy of this, but I have looked at it and you can too. Barack Obama’s Flickr Photostream.

  • It’s his photo.
  • It seems like an accurate profile.
  • There are almost 3000 photos.
  • He has over 7000 contacts.
  • He has so many testimonials I didn’t count them.
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Here’s a great little trick from Beyond Phototips on street photography.

If you want to take really quick & sneaky photographs on the street without putting your eye to the viewfinder, here’s a sneaky trick.

Setting your lens in manual focus mode, and setting it at its Hyperfocal distance will allow you to take photographs with a great deal of flexibility, often allowing you to shoot from your hip, or while supporting the camera on a steady surface. Very un-obtrusive. [via Beyond Phototips]

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Susheel Chandradhas offers a few ‘obvious’ tips to remember when shooting on the streets. Briefly they include:

  • Get In close.
  • Be observant.
  • Shoot a lot.
  • Don’t worry about the light too much.
  • Use a ‘normal’ sized camera.
  • Use a wide-angle lens.
  • Participate.
  • Know when to shoot candids.
  • Dress Normally.
  • Worry about your camera at home.
  • Know how your equipment works.
  • Carry your camera inconspicuously, but not suspiciously.

Read the complete article over at Beyond Phototips. While there check out the links at the bottom of the article for more infomation on this topic.

I like this idea. I like it so much, I may replicate his efforts. What a way to help others and practice your art.

Earlier this week I decided that I was going to start a new project. I’m calling the project $2 portraits and the project works like this. From this week going forward until the day that I die I am going to offer $2 to anyone who asks me for money in exchange for their portrait. While I’m taking their portrait I’m going to ask their name and try to learn a little bit about them. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life — assuming that I can afford to.

To make things easier I’m putting $2 in reserve money in a special place in my wallet so that even if I don’t have change I will always have the $2 to hand over.

In part I’m undertaking this project because I realize that I’ve been avoiding people asking me for money. My biggest motivation behind this project however is simply that I think human interaction is a good thing. I’m not doing this to exploit homeless people or show how hard and bad life can be. I’m doing this because I want to celebrate other human beings as human beings and I think that this commercial transaction gives us an opportunity to engage and interact on a more human level… and I also think that I can take a pretty decent portrait. [via Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection]

Read the rest of the article on Thomas Hawk’s website.

This just goes to show that you can photography anything. You just need focus and commitment.

The blog isn’t signed by the author, but apparently some Londoner has noticed that there is an overabundance of banana skins littering the streets of London and decided to do something about it. Thus the start of london bananas. [via Photoshop News]

Check out all of those banana peels in London by visiting London Bananas.

If you’re hooked on David’s wallpapers like I am, then you should wander over to Pixelated Image and checkout the June wallpaper from Quito, Ecuador.

June08 Wallpaper

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