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dPS has done it again. This time the subject is using your flash indoors and at night. Both articles are by guest blogger  Christina Nichole. The first article can be found here–How to Use Flash For Night Portraits. I remember taking a photography course and this topic was covered in detail including some practice in the form of assignments.

The other article can be found here–Creative Solutions for Indoor Lighting: FLASH.

Have you ever wondered how the big time wedding and event photographers seem to have perfectly lit photographs even in dark reception venues? Wonder no longer. With a deep breath and a single flash, you too can have perfectly exposed images inside even the most dimly lit venue.

This technique is actually quite simple. Just remember these 3 steps.

  1. Shoot TV priority with a Slow Shutter Speed
  2. Add Flash
  3. Get Creative

dPS recently posted two good articles on travel photography. The first is Seven Travel Photography Tips. As a guest blogger, Christina Nichole provides some good insight. I will tell you the tips briefly but you really should read the article for a complete understanding and to see the photos displayed as examples. Briefly the seven tips are:

  1. Look for “the big picture”
  2. Capture things that are “out of the ordinary”
  3. Find shapes
  4. Seek the light
  5. Look for contrast
  6. Look for textures, colors, patterns, and content
  7. Photograph that which captures your soul

The next article is, The Art of Travel Photography. This is really more of a tutorial provided by guest blogger, photographer Jim Bryant. Again, I’ll highlight the tips suggested but please refer to the complete article for full details and awesome photos. Briefly Jim suggests the following:


My iPhone has been like crack to me since the day one on the market, June 3, 2007. Most of us iPhone users make regular and swift use of the impressive ‘Net, email, and location-based tools, but as a professional creative I’m always using the built-in camera to grab snaps of anything that catches my eye for ideas, inspiration, and such. In fact–in case you didn’t know–I post daily mobile iPhone snaps to my Facebook page and my Twitter account for fun (friend/follow if you’re interested.)

That said, I dunno if it’s been the pile of comments I’ve received from those sources, the numerous ranting requests via email, or the hilarious fact that someone actually started a Facebook group called “Chase Jarvis Shoots Better Pics with His iPhone Than I Could With a Hasselblad”, but I figured–since people have grumbled to me about such challenges and since grabbing snapshots is a part of my daily creative routine for staying fresh and inspired–that it would be good fun to post a quick ‘how to’ checklist for making great iPhone pictures. So here goes: [via Chase Jarvis Blog]

Read the rest of the story.


Can this be? Well, yes it can. The idea first comes from Strobist and you’ll find that article here–Four Reasons To Conside Working For Free.  Additionally, Chase Jarvis adds his comments on the subject which you can find here.

Read the articles and post your thoughts and suggestions here.


Photographers heading off to the studio this winter may be interested in new gear from Lastolite that includes two new lighting softboxes.  Designed to be portable, the collapsible 180x120cm MegaLite includes a silver reflective panel.  [via Amateur Photographer]

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Eleven ‘private’ wedding photos of Madonna, which are at the centre of a legal dispute, have been valued at more than £5m, according to the star’s barrister. … London’s High Court heard that the images of Madonna’s ‘wholly private’ wedding to Guy Ritchie in 2000 had been copied ‘surreptitiously’ by an interior designer at Madonna’s California home. The singer is seeking damages in excess of £5m, the estimated value of the pictures, according to the Press Association. [via Amateur Photographer]

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Location: I80 Somewhere in Nevada
Taken: 20 December 2008 at 1:50 p.m.
Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm
EXIF: ISO 100; 1/2000 sec at f/4.5

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