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The conference you won’t want to miss—-“the world’s largest Photoshop convention”:

Photoshop World is where you’ll learn the most up-to-date techniques, the fastest and most effective workflows, and the hottest and most amazing new tips for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Extended – as well as applications like Illustrator, After Effects, and InDesign – from a select team of the industry’s most talented and creative instructors.

Seats fill up fast so reserve your spot now and your hotel too.

If you’re hooked on David’s wallpapers like I am, then you should wander over to Pixelated Image and checkout the June wallpaper from Quito, Ecuador.

June08 Wallpaper

I love his presets. Hey, I love anybody who makes my work easier. What can I say. Well if you’re like me, be sure to check out the NEW and REVISED auto presents Matt Kloskowski has posted on Lightroom Killer Tips. 

From Epic Edits:

Don’t get me wrong, standard color film photos have their place and I’m not knocking them. But for my own artistic preferences, I find the cross processed photos to be more interesting and captivating. Here are some reasons why I love cross processed film — and I’m not talking about the Photoshop Cross Processing Technique — this is the real deal!

  1. Classic Style
  2. Deep and Dark
  3. Bright and Colorful
  4. Subtle
  5. Obvious
  6. Green
  7. Blue
  8. Red
  9. Yellow
  10. Extraordinary

Check out the rest of the article here.

The 2008 WPP Award Winners — their photos and their words.

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While fully aware that this is a day to memorialize veterans and those who have served our country valiantly, I came across a kind of different memorial that really struck my soul. I can’t erase the photo from my memory and quite frankly I’m not sure I want to. In my humble opinion, this is a winner. Any photo that evokes such emotion, is photojournalism at it’s best. 

China Earthquake

I found this while reading Conscientious – Jörg Colberg’s weblog about fine-art photography (and more).

A Photo Editor has done good work of finding new photographer sites. First is Albert Watson.

Albert Watson has a new website (here) at least I think it’s fairly new, last time I checked was a year ago when I tried to hire him and felt like a fool for leaving urgent messages for a very last minute cover, then of course when I finally got his wife on the phone he’s in Europe for a month and booked on jobs as far as the eye can see. Nevertheless Jodi @ RS told me he’s an incredible sweet-heart and still works harder then an art school grad on their first assignment so I thought what the hell I’ll see if he’s up for it. The first portfolio on the website has 186 images in it. Not recommended that any art school grads try and pull that off.

The other photographer site he talks about is Sheila Metzner.

Hey, it Looks like Sheila Metzner’s got a new website (here) as well, complete with music and slideshows (Caution: If you’re at work make sure the volume is down) so I think it’s safe to say we have a genuine trend here (ok, maybe it started a year ago, I haven’t been keeping up with Sheila and Albert).

It think this is partially about building a fan base and mostly about taking control of your content. All the legendary photographers have content floating around the internet and there needs to be a place to link everything back.

Both artists have very different styles. Metzner’s work is much more surreal and has a “fine art” quality to it as though many of the photographs could have been painted. They all have a soft focus and contrast to them. While Watson’s work is much more crisp, clear and daring. I can see emotion in both but the emotion is very different.

Thank you Photo Editor for the links. 

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