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Jeff Ascough was voted one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world by American Photo. He has been a professional wedding photographer in the United Kingdom since 1989. He has covered over 1000 weddings with a documentary photography style. Ascough emphasizes capturing the moment without any prompting or interference and using available light. American Photo voted Ascough as one of the ten best wedding photographers in the world.

He is also a Canon Ambassador and uses the Canon 5D Mark II’s due to the low light capabilities. Frank Van Riper in America’s Washington Post described Jeff as “A master at shooting by available light” and went on to describe his images as ”…among the best I ever have seen—an absolute pleasure to see.”

Jeff took a moment to answer questions from members in the Wedding Photography Forum. Here’s the original Q&A thread.

You can read the complete interview on which includes indepth discussions of wedding coverage, workflow, wedding business marketing, gear, technique, album creation, personal style development and what inspires Jeff.

If you’re a member of Kelby Online Training, then you likely already know about this great class. If you’re not, then check it out.

David Ziser, world-renowned photographer is teaching a class on everything you need to know about shooting a live wedding.

Wedding Photographer David Ziser invited the Kelby Training cameras to follow for an entire wedding shoot. His day begins with some shots of the bride getting ready, then outside for group shots, then on to the ceremony and reception. David lets viewers see his equipment choices, shot selections, lighting techniques, camera positioning, and finally, he talks about the process of choosing which images to work with in post-processing.

  1. Introduction and Equipment (06:37)
  2. Getting Started at the Bride’s House (09:56)
  3. Scenic Overlook (05:06)
  4. Outside the Church Before the Ceremony (11:12)
  5. Inside the Church (08:25)
  6. The Reception (14:52)
  7. Reviewing the Key Points (27:43)

For wedding photographers, same-sex marriage shows signs of being good for business. Several states now allow gay marriages or civil unions. More states are likely to follow suit sooner or later, giving gay and lesbian couples across the country an impetus to throw weddings large and small.

Of course, they need photographers and other wedding vendors. But given the controversy around same-sex marriage, the gay and lesbian wedding business is somewhat fraught. Couples worry about which vendors are gay friendly. And photographers are apt to wonder whether they might alienate straight clients by shooting gay weddings.

Now a growing cadre of photographers, frequently driven by a strong sense of social justice, is actively marketing to gay clients. The photographers are counting on a growing acceptance of same-sex marriage around the country to help drive demand in the gay wedding industry.

Among them is photographer Charlotte Geary of Manitou Springs, Colorado, who shot her first same-sex wedding for a lesbian couple in 2006. [via PDN]

Read the rest of the story.

Wedding photography is not just big business these days—it’s also a wellspring of creativity. For the third year in a row, American Photo set out to find the most inventive and accomplished wedding photographers working today. We’re happy to report that this year’s Top Ten list shows boundary-breaking innovations.

Nominations for this year’s list came from a variety of experts (listed below), including wedding planners, website directors, and photography editors. We also invited a number of wedding photographers who were featured on our Top Ten lists in 2007 and 2008 to name colleagues whose work they particularly admire. The editors of American Photo winnowed the dozens of nominees to the ten finalists. [via PopPhoto]

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Eleven ‘private’ wedding photos of Madonna, which are at the centre of a legal dispute, have been valued at more than £5m, according to the star’s barrister. … London’s High Court heard that the images of Madonna’s ‘wholly private’ wedding to Guy Ritchie in 2000 had been copied ‘surreptitiously’ by an interior designer at Madonna’s California home. The singer is seeking damages in excess of £5m, the estimated value of the pictures, according to the Press Association. [via Amateur Photographer]

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There’s still time to enter if you haven’t done so already. Top Knots Wedding is giving away a new Nikon Digital SLR to the winner of this contest. You have to submit your entries by December 1, 2008.

Go here for more details.


Digital Photography School (dPS) has an excellent two-part article on the ins and outs of wedding photography.

In Part 1, Charles Clawson from shares some tips on getting into Wedding Photography.

Wedding Photography is unique among all other photography mediums. As a professional photographer you have free reign over an incredible event full of emotion, action and beauty. Being able to use your skills to capture these moments forever, and have them be cherished by your clients is an honor wedding photographers take very seriously. It isn’t for the faint of heart. The pressure is as high as the clients expectations, but it can be a very rewarding occupation. For these reasons, wedding photography is quite a competitive field. [via dPS]

Mr. Clawson follows up with five things any aspiring wedding photographer can and should do to prepare to enter the field of wedding photography.

In Part 2, Mr. Clawson looks at how to choose the right lens for Wedding Photography.

Without asserting that it’s the equipment that makes a good photographer, here I hope to present some basic suggestions and let you take it from there. Some of the information I present here is Nikon specific, only because that is what I have experience shooting with. I hope that others will share suggestions in the comments on makes and models not included here. [via dPS]

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