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My one and only little girl is getting married this weekend. Thank God we hired photographers; I’ll be too busy for the task. Have a good weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday.



Title: I do
Location: Asilomar, CA
Taken: 6 September 2007 at 8:26 a.m.
Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
Lens: Canon EF 100mm
EXIF: ISO 100; 1/100 at f/5.6

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Yep, sure enough. Check out Vicipaedia. Buy why? I guess some might ask, why not?


This just in from Scott Kelby’s blog:

… as of August 4, 2007 that all DSLR are supposed to be removed, but not all airports have instituted this new policy yet, but he felt certain most would. Just what I was hoping for, as I usually travel with two bodies, that now I have to worry about getting swiped as they pass through the x-ray machine…. (click here to read the entire article.)

If you’re new to photowalking (and even if your a seasoned photowalker) you should check out Thomas Hawk’s Principles and Guidelines for the Modern Photowalker. In addition to the 13 tips and guidelines he provides, he also lists other resources at the bottom of the blog entry. Thomas Hawk is an excellent photographer. If you haven’t checked out his work. You can find him on Zoomer. I personally recommend it. He has some fantastic shots. He views the world through an entirely creative eye and he doesn’t take no for an answer. If you plan to go on vacation or just around the block, after reading his tips, you may have a different view of the world around you and with camera in hand you just might capture a bit of that creative difference.

If you use Photoshop Elements, it may be time to upgrade to 6.0. If you want to see what’s changed, have Matt Kloskowski show you with the videos in the Elements Learning Center.


Shutter Fug has been blogging on metering and if you haven’t checked in, you really should.

Part 1 was a discussion of incidental light and reflected light.
Part 2 discussed your camera’s on-board meter.
Part 3 included a discussion of more complicated lighting situations.
Part 4 was on outdoor reflective light.
Part 5 was a discussion of an actual light meter.
Part 6 discussed older light meters.

More is on the way.



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