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No fooling! Professional Photographer’s 2009 Cover Photo Contest is going on now.

Upload your photograph for a chance to be on the cover. Only one entry is allowed per individual, but you can change your entry image as often as you prefer before June 1. [via Professional Photographer]

For more details click here. launches today. From the press release: “More than 7 million photos from the Life and Getty Images photo collections are now available to consumers in the largest online photography site. The curated site features both rarely seen and iconic photos from the 1850s through today. More than 3,000 new photos from Getty Images award-winning photographers will be added to the site daily. Users will be able to rate, email, share, purchase, license photos and explore their world through the world’s greatest images in this user-friendly web site.” [via The Online Photographer]

I can’t believe I missed this:

Many of you JPGers have heard about our sister travel publication, Everywhere Magazine. Everywhere is community-driven like JPG, created from the submissions of travel enthusiasts around the world. If you want to see what Everywhere is all about, you should check out the Sneak Peek of Issue 02 that was just released. [via JPG Magazine]

They’re seeking submissions for Issue 03. Check it out.

[via photopreneur]

Got good photos? Want to get them published in a magazine? It might take a bit of work, a lot of patience and skin thicker than an elephant’s heel to handle the rejections but it’s possible.

There are plenty of magazines that are willing to take images submitted on spec. You’ll have to read their notes for contributors and understand what sort of shots the publication wants. And then you’ll have to choose where to send them.


Here are five of the best magazine opportunities for freelancers.

Briefly, the list includes:

  • Yankee Magazine
  •  Southwest Airlines Spirit
  • National Geographic
  • Careers and Colleges Magazine
  • Country

If you are considering submitting any work to a magazine, you must read the Photocritic’s article on just that topic, because…

The most important thing you need to remember is that magazine production is hectic stuff. That means that decisions are often made quickly, and if you do your submission wrong, you may not get another shot… (via the Photocritic).


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