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Posted on: 31 July 2007

I just saw this posting about a photowalk in Santa Monica, California. It made me think of two things:

  1. Man I wish I could go. Santa Monica is about 90 minutes south of Bakersfield (where I live) and I’m still waiting on my new grandbaby. I’m afraid if I leave town that baby will for sure decide to make her entrance…without me. So, I’m sticking close to home.
  2. Photowalk!? I didn’t know there was such a thing. If this is just an example, there must surely be more.

So I began searching. First there is a definition of what a Photowalk is. According to

Some time back, Robert Scoble, of The ScobleShow, and Thomas Hawk, of, started photowalking. A genre was born.

Additionally, I discovered that should you find yourself in an unknown town, state, or even country, you can request a photowalk with local residents in order to learn of and photograph some of the more interesting parts of your trip.

For a list of upcoming photography events check out Many photowalks all over the world seem to get posted here. You should also check out the podcast on photowalking on Photografr

Finally, before you leave, you might want to check out the Digital Photography School‘s 10 Tips For A Great Photowalk.


3 Responses to "Photowalking"

Thanks very much for the link to Much appreciated.

Thanks for the mention of

I hope to grow into a resource for all photowalkers, everywhere.

You both are welcome. I was pleased to find the information and websites so that I can share the word. I look forward to my first official photowalk soon.

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